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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Home Comfortable this Winter Without Breaking the Bank

Keeping your home comfortable and warm during the wintertime could result in an expensive bill each month. There are many factors that can cause your house to lose heat without you even knowing it's happening, which causes the furnace to kick on more than it needs to and eventually raising your bill. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep your home comfortable this winter without breaking the bank!

Tips for Keeping Your Heating Costs Down This Winter

  • Have a professional do regular maintenance on your furnace and invest in recommended repairs - You should have your furnace inspected and maintained one time each year. It is normally recommended that this is done before turning the furnace on for the first time. During an inspection, the thermostat is checked, the filter is changed or cleaned, the electrical connections are inspected, and parts are oiled if they need to be. After the inspection, an HVAC professional will recommend any repairs that may be necessary. By investing in the recommended repairs, you are less likely to have your furnace stop working in the middle of winter, and you may be able to prevent an even more expensive issue. Having regular maintenance performed on your furnace will ensure that your furnace is running efficiently, saving you money during these cold winter months. If your furnace is running efficiently, it isn't working as hard which means that it isn't kicking on as often.
  • Install a programmable thermostat or smart thermostat - A programmable thermostat allows you to turn your heat down before you leave the house for the day, and then have it turn itself back up to the preferred temperature right before you are due back home. This gives the furnace a break when you are gone for long periods of time during the day. If your furnace is not running as much during the day, you’ll save money while prolonging the life of your furnace. A smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home right from your smartphone or other devices. You can also set the temperature so that no one inside of the home can change it without your knowledge. If you have someone who frequently turns the thermostat up even just a couple of degrees, you know how useful this smart thermostat could be. The smart thermostat would also be useful when you aren't sure what time you will be home. With the programmable thermostats, you have to program it to raise the heat at a certain time. If you aren't sure what time you're coming home, the programmable option may not be as helpful. With the smart thermostats, you can turn the heat back up to the correct temperature right from your phone, saving money while making sure your home is warm when you arrive.
  • Keep your curtains opened or closed at the correct times - During the day, if the sun is shining toward a window of your home, open the curtains. This will allow the sun to heat up the inside of your house. By doing this, the temperature won't drop low enough for the furnace to kick on. Before the sun starts to set and the temperatures fall, close the curtains to keep as much of that heat as possible inside the house. By closing the curtains, you are trapping heat in and keeping cold out.
  • Check your home for areas to seal - Many times, cold air gets in and warm air gets out through windows, doors, and unused fireplaces. Check your home to see if any of them need to be sealed. Any windows or doors that you can feel a draft from would likely benefit from being sealed. If you can feel a draft, that means cold air is getting inside and warm air is getting out. By sealing these areas, you'll notice your home staying warmer and your furnace not working so much. Fireplaces that aren't being used cause the same problem. If they are not sealed, cold air is continuously entering your home through the fireplace. When this happens, your furnace is forced to kick on more than it needs to, costing you more money.
  • Use thermal curtains - Thermal curtains over your windows will keep more warm air in your house than any other type of curtains will. They are thicker than many other types, and the thermal material works to trap the warm air in and keep the cold air out. Sometimes the type of curtains you use can make a huge difference in your heating costs during the winter months, so it is worth making the change if you can.

Home Comfort at Reduced Cost

By following these suggestions for keeping your home comfortable without breaking the bank, you may be able to save quite a bit of money on your heating bill this winter. By doing simple things around the home and having your furnace maintained regularly, you will be making a huge difference. Our skilled technicians are prepared to handle any issue. We are available 24 hours and 7 days a week to take care of urgent repairs.

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